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On of the cool things of working with so many artists and developers is seeing amazing and cool things every single day. It is inspiring to see the creative juice flowing and the final results that come with it. Here are some of our favourite works done by our passionated team members and it doesn’t matter if it’s a personal project or done an OLDKID project.

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OLDKID is the name we feel connected to …

Although we are grown up, we are still young at heart, love playing games, and discovered our passion to create our own worlds.

We are a creative team consisting of game developement students, career jumpers and newcomers and value things like diversity, respect, the will to learn, and a vital team spirit.

A functioning team should be more than a bunch of experts in a room. We all want to grow into the jobs we do, from the beginning to a point of evolution. Therefore we wholeheartedly support every team member to have a safe space for creative and personal development and getting ready for new and unknown adventures in the future.

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We are absolutely proud of our creative, diverse and inspiring team. We’d be nothing without them and our visions would be much smaller as they are now.

Sharing is caring right? Every team member is free to work with whoever they want to work with. We don’t bind them to non-compete clauses as we want to give everyone the opportunity for their own creative adventures, meeting new people and exploring new sources of inspiration along the way.

Feel free to click, contact and talk business with them.

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Flix Talk at NØRD 2021

Flix is going to speak at the NØRD 2021, the biggest digital conference in northern Germany, about perspectives and career