New Partnership with Out of the Box Games

We are very excited and proud to announce our partnership with Out of the Box Games from Berlin. They entrusted us with the complete visual production of their game TPORT, creating a new and exciting design language for their first-person puzzling game. For now, we can’t show you what we are diligently working on but […]

Flix Talk at NØRD 2021

Flix is going to speak at the NØRD 2021, the biggest digital conference in northern Germany, about perspectives and career chances in the games industry. The conference is mostly for a german speaking audience but if you have any questions about the talk, feel free to contact Flix for further information. Looking forward to NØRD […]

New Partnership with Acid Mines Softwares

These news may be a bit older since we are working with the wonderful dudes at Acid Mines Softwares since early 2020 on their hard-sci-fi-economy-simulation game with the project title RUMP. The guys from Acid Mines already released some of our work done by our Mattis Heisler and Eric Jentzsch. Have a look!