We know, we know. Our name is OLDKID Studios with a plural »S« at the end. We dream big, ok?
Now we made this clear, let us introduce properly.

OKS is an indie game developement studio from Northern Germany with a general focus on game art. Therefor we do not only create our own immersive experience but also help others to create more beautiful dreams with us together. So basically we are also a co-developement company with experts in concept art, illustration and all the 3D stuff you need for games (except animations). Check out our partners we already worked with below.

Another thing what makes us extremely proud (and unfortunately rare) is our student focus. We want to give the young creative game dev generation a chance to challenge themselves, gaining experience by working on real projects, getting valuable feedback and use us as a stepping stone to find new creative adventures along the way. We believe in the future, so we believe in our students!

Our Partners

In case you read what we have written above, you may remember that we are also a co-developement company working with and for other creative heads worldwide. We love the work we do and totally digging the projects of our partners, so check them out!


We are absolutely proud of our creative, diverse and inspiring team. We’d be nothing without them and our visions would be much smaller as they are now.

Sharing is caring right? Every team member of ours is absolutely free to work with whoever they want to work with. We don’t bind them on contracts and non-compete clauses as we want to give everyone the opportunity for creative adventures, experiences and getting the chance of meeting new people and their exciting ideas and finding inspirations along the way.

Feel free to click, contact and talk business with them.


We want to help buiding a flourishing game developement scene in Germany and especially in our region. To make this happen we are tightly connected to other game studios in Mecklenburg Vorpommern and other regions in Germany or the world. We want to increase the visibility and awareness for our industry by visiting meet ups, game jams or game talks on certain events. We believe, that games are a thriving economy where many people can profit from and creative people find a safe place to be who they are.

But of course we can’t do this alone. Feel free to join the official Discord of the DIZ Neubrandenburg where local and regional game dev people meet eachother on a regular basis.

Spotlight On For

Too bright? Ok, let’s dim it a bit


Stepping Stone Studio

We can’t stress this enough. Experience comes through experience and that’s why we want to be a stepping stone for upcoming game dev artists. Of course we need certain requirements to work with but in general our main goal to support the next generation of devs is to give them a safe place to develop and improve. With professional feedback and real projects, we love to see our KIDS grow and go further and further.

Seriously. We really love this and that’s one of the reasons why we mainly work with students.

yeah yeah. Business reasons you may argue. Think about the risk and why so less studios are doing what we try to do. Time will tell if we were too naive or not. But at least we tried, right?