OLDKID Studios, called OKS for short, is a North German development studio founded in 2019, with a strong focus in the art and design area. Despite the set focus, we are a development studio, which fully covers all areas, programming, production and sound.

We develop computer games and products for our partners on a regional, national and international level and work on our own in-house projects.
Beyond the games sector, we work for our clients in the advertising industry and for film makers.

OKS is made up of experienced people in the games industry and as a long-time partner of the Design Academy in Rostock, we are also very pleased to be able to challenge and support young talent and offer them a professional future.

We support social projects wherever we can. We stand up for an unconditional cooperation of all people in society. We do not see limitations in people as an obstacle or weakness, but as an opportunity and strength.

We help you with passion and perfection to make your visions become reality.

Project Partners

In case you read what we have written above, you may remember that we are also a co-developement company working with and for other creative heads worldwide. We love the work we do and totally digging the projects of our partners, so check them out!


We are absolutely proud of our creative, diverse and inspiring team. We’d be nothing without them and our visions would be much smaller as they are now.

Sharing is caring right? Every team member of ours is absolutely free to work with whoever they want to work with. We don’t bind them on contracts and non-compete clauses as we want to give everyone the opportunity for creative adventures, experiences and getting the chance of meeting new people and their exciting ideas and finding inspirations along the way.

Feel free to click, contact and talk business with them.